Server migration utility testimonial

I needed to migrate a Windows 2000 Server from a 10 GB drive to a 30 GB drive. I’ve done this many times with Partition Magic over the years. I never realized that it didn’t work with the Server operating systems. I looked at Volume Manager, but it was overkill — in features and in price — for a task we go through once every couple of years.

I considered Ghost. But it also seemed like overkill for my needs.

In the end, I found a product called MigrateEasy. It does exactly the task I needed, only cost $40 when downloaded, and seemed easy to use. It turns out it was all these things. The installation program even burned a bootable CD for me. Starting from the time I booted off the CD, I had the data copied in less than 30 minutes. Within 45 minutes from when I started, the old drive was out of the computer and we were running off the new drive.

The only weakness I found was the user interface to manually size the destination partitions. It could have been more mouse-oriented. You have to type sizes into text boxes. It would have been nice to be able to size and slide the partitions graphically and just use the text boxes to tweak the sizes.

UPDATE: John Lam also talks about how Acronis MigrateEasy rocks!

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