No shows

I can’t understand why so many people don’t follow through on commitments. It is very frustrating for those who are making plans and then have to change them at the last minute. Here’s a few examples I’ve had to deal with just in the last couple weeks.

We had a department outing (bowling) this past weekend. When the idea was brought up three weeks ago, 24 people committed the event. I contacted local bowling houses, and we made reservations for 20 people and ordered enough munchies for all. By three days before the event, we were down to 14 people. On the day of the event, 11 people showed up.

Those who were there had a good time. But we had a ton of leftover food. I ended eating a dozen jalapeno poppers for lunch the next day. I didn’t really mind that, but it was disappointing to have so few people show up. I’m disappointed the most with the people who didn’t even bother to tell anybody they weren’t going to be able to make it.

Here’s a pic shot from my best side…
Bowling outing

Another example is one of the community bands in which I play. I happen to be the email contact for one group. I had two conversations this past month with two people who had stated they were planning on playing with the band this evening. I went to the trouble of providing them directions to the concert, information on the concert attire and notified our director that we would be having visitors, so we could have chairs and music ready for them.

Neither person showed up. The show went on, as it must, but it was again somewhat disappointing to have made all these efforts for nothing.

As I type this message, I’m reminded of the similar problems my brother-in-law is having selling his Ford Probe. He gets a couple calls every week on the car, for which he’s only asking $1000. He makes appointments with the people to come out and see the car. 75% of them never show. Sometimes he’s lost an entire Saturday afternoon because of people not showing up.

If you’re like one of these people, do you realize how selfish an act this is? If you promise to do something, you should make every effort to keep that promise. We all understand that things come up, but you should let people know. Otherwise, you leave them hanging. This is especially frustrating when other plans could have been made once it was known that you couldn’t make it.

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