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UPDATE: Isolating business logic from presentation logic

In an earlier entry, I asked some questions regarding application architecture. After some very interesting discussions on the mailling lists, I’ve come to the following realizations:

  • Forget what you did in VB6.
  • Microsoft has suggested design patterns for .NET.
  • I need to read, read, read, read, read.

A starting point for the design patterns can be found here.


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Rich client vs. Web client

Adam Bosworth discusses that web interfaces are generally preferable to rich client interfaces. Adam’s blog entry links to some other bloggers who are commenting on the same issue.

Many programmers are working on internal business applications. Many of these business applications have to provide real-time access to information necessary for data entry. Many of these apps are using technologies such as COM+ events to monitor business activity and raise alerts to people who are using the system. Many of these apps have business “dashboards” that give the user many different views of their data with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With current browser technology, many of these features, which users demand, are not as responsive as a rich client. Some things are not even possible with current browser limitations.

My opinions are based on the current state of browser technology. I am always open to new stuff. If somebody creates a web interface that meets the most important needs, I’ll consider it.


Hall of Fame parade

I’ve been asked to play with a trumpet ensemble on a float for the Football Hall of Fame Grand Parade. We’ve been asked to wear black dress pants, long-sleeved dress shirts, and they are going to provide us with bow ties.

I sure hope the temperature isn’t too hot. The parade kicks off at 7:30 am and I’m told our float is near the front of the parade, so there’s a good chance we’ll have a temperate temperature.

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Thought control

As reported yesterday, I watched a Microsoft technical chat yesterday with the VB.NET design team. A few of the participants jokingly wished for a new feature in .NET to type what they think. This morning, I read in this article that we’re actually making progress on that front.

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First Microsoft chat

I just finished lurking on a Microsoft technical chat that was hosted by the members of the VB.NET design team. It was an eye-opening experience for this meager VB developer. I really need to do a lot of reading before I’m even going to begin to comprehend what features I should use as I start doing work in VB.NET.

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Meeting etiquette

Paul V writes about a meeting etiquette issue.

We have somebody in our office who knits during the weekly status meeting. Is this as bad as reading your email?

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Open-access hardware?

Is this where our computer systems are headed?

ScrappleFace: Microsoft Touts New Open-Access Strategy

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