Blog vs. Online Journal

After I wrote about the AOL Journals announcement, my lone reader forwarded this AP News article to me.

A snippet from the article:

And unlike blogs, which are dated musings on certain subjects and often carry links to similar blogs, online journals are designed to be more like a coffeehouse, where a community regularly gathers, building friendships and connections as they share personal details.

I don’t understand this distinction between a blog and an online journal. Many blogs have a community of regular readers. With the comment feature and trackback features that are enabled on many blogs, the readership community can easily build friendships, build connections, and share personal details.

Many people use newsreader-style tools to read blogs through RSS feeds. Some blogs even have RSS feeds for their comments. A blog can be a very interactive way of communication.

I also don’t understand how an online journal is more like a coffeehouse. In a coffeehouse, people can gather and communicate in real time with each other. This sounds more like the equivalent of a chat room to me than an online journal.

Is there an aspect of online journals that I am missing? If you can clear up my confusion, please submit a comment.

  1. #1 by George Nemeth on September 1, 2003 - 9:09 am

    Sounds like a bunch of marketing to me.

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