Multiple monitors makes me program better

According to a new study, having multiple monitors increases productivity and morale. I’m sure that the study wasn’t influenced by two of the partners in the study being manufacturers of graphics cards and monitors. 🙂

As a programmer, I know that I could benefit by having multiple monitors. Where I work now, I only have a single monitor. It can be a pain to have to switch between the debug window of VB and the form that is running. Because our forms are large, it’s not possible to watch the visual side-effects while stepping through the code. Having a second monitor for this would help tremendously.

When I was a hobbyist programmer in the late 80s, I used to have a monochrome monitor and a VGA monitor hooked to my 386. Borland’s C++ environment (under DOS and OS/2) supported having the code editor on one monitor and the program output on another monitor. I always thought this was pretty handy, and was amazed at the time that this could work in DOS.

I wonder if there have been surveys showing the percentage of business programmers who use multiple monitors. If I had this guy’s setup, I would probably have a decrease in productivity.

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