Distributed observers in MVC pattern

Last night, I installed a test project called ActiveTracker. You’ll have to have an account to the MSN group to access the link. ActiveTracker is a modification by Petar Kozul to Rocky’s ProjectTracker. ProjectTracker demonstrates many of the features of the CSLA.NET framework. ActiveTracker includes an implementation of the Observer design pattern.

It was late by the time I successfully built the solution, so I was only able to play around with the general functionality for a few minutes.

One of the Oberver features is implemented in the ProjectList dialog. The dialog lists the projects. If a project is added, the list automatically refreshes and shows the new project. This is a feature that I think can make a system great. Keeping the UI updated with the most current information can be a great benefit. If a user A is reviewing a customer order and user B changes the customer order, the display for user A is automatically updated. I love this concept.

I decided to test the active project list by opening up two instances of the application. I opened the list in the first instance. I added a new project in the second instance. It did not automtically refresh the first instance. I added another project in the first instance, and the display was refreshed, properly showing all the projects.

Every time I have read about the MVC and Observer patterns, the examples have always dealt with “in-process” notifications. I want to cross that boundary! I’ll be looking at the project code over the weekend and try to figure out how it could be modified to register Observers from other processes (and other computers). I think the biggest design decision will be the how to change the communication channel. Isn’t this just like a chat program under the covers?

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