Programmers can be just like users

Sometimes, programmers take an elitist attitude with regard to the users of their software. When a user can’t understand why something doesn’t work, the programmer’s initial reaction is “Isn’t it obvious?”

Having spent several years working in customer support and training, I have experience on both sides of the fence. I just had a “user” moment with regard to Movable Type.

We’ve started a new blog where there are two authors. I wanted to have each author be notified when the other posts an entry. I used the Notifications button to add each author to the list of people to be notified when new entries are added to the blog.

However, one entry was posted and the notification didn’t go out. I finally searched the help page and found out that Notifications take extra work and are never sent out automatically. If I had only RTFM. My programming ego took a hit.

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