CANSPAM being put to good use?

Wired News reports the first major application of the CANSPAM act that became law in December.

There has been a lot of criticism of this law. Some of the criticism is valid concerns from legitimate marketing organizations. They are concerned that they may be sued under the law because they aren’t able to comply with every requirement, such as removing addresses within 10 days.

Much of the criticism is of the form, “It can’t work.” We’ll find out soon enough whether it can work or not. I remember the same criticism about the national do-not-call registry. I signed up for the registry at the first opportunity. Even thought it is still not official, our telemarketing calls at home have significantly dropped since October.

Lately, 95% of the email I get at home and at work is spam. I have filters in place to manage it, but that is only reducing the wasted time and computer resources. I sincerely hope that this lawsuit is successful and it leads to the elimination of the spammers.

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