More spam stats

I made the comment in my previous entry that 95% of the e-mail I get is spam. That was purely an estimate that I was making. We recently upgraded our Exchange Server from 5.5 to 2003. Our network admin recently sent this as part of a status message to the entire company.

  • Since late night on February 26th, XXXXX has had 231,047 emails attempted to be delivered to it.
    • 207,339 of them were rejected immediately because they came from known SPAMMERS
    • That translates to 89.74% of all mail sent to XXXXX coming from SPAMMERS.
  • Of the 23,708 messages that were accepted by the mail server
    • 568 were deleted because they contained a virus.
    • That translates to 2.40% of all deliverable mail contained a virus or trojan.

I am also running SpamBayes in my Outlook client. Each morning, I typically have 100-200 messages flagged as junk. I have 20-30 good messages each morning, mostly from the CSLA.NET discussion list.

So, 95% may have been a little higher than reality. Still, the percentage is very high. We can only hope that the problem has a reasonable resolution in the near future.

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