REXX celebrates anniversary

This Slashdot post points out that the REXX language has been around 25 years. I note this because it allows me to fondly reminisce about the days when I operated a Fidonet mail hub. This was in the days of Windows 3.0.

Windows was not effective on a 386 for running a BBS and writing papers for school. I used DESQView for a while, but it was prone to crash as well. A fellow SysOp pointed me to the wonders of OS/2. Specifically, OS/2 2.1 started me on a lengthy relationship with IBM that I didn’t abandon until the Internet became more prevalent and BBSs became a memory.

After finding all the OS/2 versions of the necessary software, which were readily available in those days, I discovered the joys of REXX scripting. I used REXX to automate all the management tasks of the BBS and Fidonet systems. I was using IPC and pipes to launch and communicate between tasks. It was magical stuff at the time.

My REXX skills are nonexistent today. But I can still say — Those were the goold old days. 🙂

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