Memory prices up 70%? What’s the big deal?

ZDNet is reporting that memory prices are up more than 70% when compared to projections by industry analysts. I particularly liked this sentence:

The price of a 256-megabit DDR DRAM chip, the industry standard, stands at $6.53, according to microchip broker That compares with $3.70 at the start of this year. At the end of last year, analysts had been expecting prices to fall to as low as $3.30.

We have to pay $6.53 for 256 MB of DRAM? This is outrageous! I’m already paying $4000 for my dual XEON server with SCSI RAID 5 and 2 gig of RAM!! Now I’m going to have to pay $4060!!! If this keeps up I’m going to go out of business!!!! Somebody needs to do something about this!!!!!

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