That latest computer threat – AdWare

Wired reports that AdWare is becoming a major problem for the tech support folks at Dell. From my personal experience, I would agree.

This past week, I spent a few hours at a friend’s house because he said his computers all seemed to be running slowly. The probably was especially bad when they were on AOL. Things were just slower than they used to be.

When I visited my friend, his son’s PC had four active Spyware processes that were identified by Ad-aware. We cleaned those up and things seemed to be running a little faster.

Then his laptop was having problems with LSASS.EXE generating errors in the event log when it rebooted. Because this is a brand new laptop from Dell, I told him to call Dell tech support and take advantage of the free support with the new computer. After I left, I realized that this may have been a symptom of the Sasser virus.

I hope he’s figured out that problem…

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