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Warm and fuzzy offices

Check out this article on a study of office temperature. Apparently, keyboard work is more efficient at tropical temperatures. My wife is a technical writer, and she is always complaining about how cold the office and how her fingers are stiff. Perhaps she can use this study as evidence that the company could save money by turning up the thermostat.


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As evidenced by my lack of entries, I’m lazy and I’m also a procrastinator. Ned Batchelder points to an article that says I can still be useful. (Don’t tell my wife!)

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Walmart news

I haven’t posted in quite a while. I really haven’t had much time due to our kitchen remodel. However, I had to make an entry pointing to this Rolling Stone article about Walmart. I could spend a couple hours posting my observations on Walmart and the recording industry.

But I am posting this because I’ve decided that consumers need to understand how Walmart is actually hurting our economy. This story is just the latest example I’ve run across. My family hasn’t shopped at Walmart for a couple years now. We also boycott Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and any other chain that is part of the Walmart family. Does Walmart miss us? Not really. But they will if more people stand up and take action to protest their harmful business practices.

Yes, Walmart saves the consumer money. However, I believe their relationships with their suppliers causes a loss of American jobs. What good is saving a few cents on a jar of pickles if you lost your job because of it?

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