Maintaining fitness

Congratulations to Duncan Mackenzie for sticking to a workout and diet that has helped him drop a few pounds and maintain a reasonable weight. I went through a similar experience about 5 years ago.

My wife (then-fiancee) thought we should go to a gym. She didn’t need to lose weight, but she wanted to build up some tone and muscle before our wedding, which was 8 months away. I averaged between 190-195 at the time, which is a little heavy for somebody who is a couple inches shy of 6 feet.

We started after Thanksgiving, we endured through the busy season, when workouts take a lot longer just because you wait for machines, and we both achieved our goals.

Like Duncan, I keep my weight around 176-177. This is not fat, even though the BMI index indicates that I am still overweight. I want to encourage Duncan to keep on with what he is doing. People sometimes don’t realize that working with weights will actually increase your weight because muscle is denser than fat.

I could probably weigh what I did when I graduated from high school, but I didn’t have the same muscle strength then that I do now. Now, I could probably stand up to the bullies. 🙂

If you find that going to the gym starts to become a chore, change your routine a little. Instead of spending time on the treadmill, try out a class. Try a different class every six months. Our community opened a small outdoor skating rink this winter. We bought some skates and we’ll go there some days instead of doing aerobics at the gym. If you make an effort to skate quickly, it can be as effective as the StairMaster or a treadmill.

So why is this message categorized as programming? Because programmers have a sedentary work environment. We all need to find a means to burn calories. Some are doing it. Others just need to take that first step, literally, and just do it!

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