I am my iPod

This Wired News story was a little scary for me to read. I was selected as a random winner from a Business Objects survey I completed a while ago. I had a handful of choices for a prize, one of which was an iPod mini (silver).

The iPod mini arrived at the office while we were out of town for Christmas. Since I’ve had it, my behaviors have changed. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you they weren’t all good changes.

I have ripped every CD in our music collection onto our hard drive. Because our collection of music won’t completely fit on the mini, I’ve created a smart playlist to randomly select albums that I haven’t heard in a while. Using this playlist, I plan to regularly cycle through all of our music collection.

I now listen to the iPod all day at work. I used to occasionally listen to CDs when I needed some isolation from my surroundings. Now I have my headphones on the majority of the time.

I plug the mini into my car radio. I listen to the mini while I’m reading the newspaper. I listen to the mini while watching some of my favorite sports teams on TV. I even tried listening to it while eating (that wasn’t warmly received by my wife).

In short, the iPod mini has caused me to adopt behaviors of a teenager. I’m not swapping files online or purchasing songs from the iTunes store (they don’t have Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Cleveland Symphonic Winds, etc), but the mini has become somewhat inseparable.

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