New blog engine: WordPress

Both this blog and our family’s kitchen remodel blog have been hit hard recently by trackback ping spam.

I was using Movable Type 2.661 with the wonderful mt-blacklist product from Jay Allen. However, it was getting difficult to keep up-to-date with the spammers. I started looking at some other types of solutions to the spam problem, such as a CAPTCHA system or comment moderation.

I found that I could get better protection by moving up to version 3 of Movable Type. However, I would have to pay for the upgrade. I’m too cheap for that. I had read several blog entries mentioning people who had switched to WordPress.

I had to upgrade my PHP installation, but once I did, the WordPress installation was very simple. I was able to easily import all the entries from the old blog. After a few tweaks and some updating of the Apache configuration, the weblog is now running under WordPress.

First impressions are pretty good. It doesn’t support multiple weblogs very well, but I don’t need that right now. I’ve turned off all comments and trackback pings on the kitchen remodel blog. We don’t plan on adding any more entries there. It exists for historical purposes, only.

Permalinks from the Movable Type blog still work, although they don’t display with all the proper formatting like they did before. I will eventually figure out how to redirect the old entries to their counterparts under WordPress.

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