Scott on Writing

Scott Mitchell has a link to some great articles regarding data structures and how they will operate in .NET 2.0 (i.e. Visual Studio 2005). With the popularity of the betas for the new Visual Studio, I think these articles will be quite useful.

I’m not a formally educated programmer. I learned a little Fortran and some beginning Pascal as part of my EE curriculum, but we never delved into data structures. I’ve had to learn a little about them over the years, but I think most business programmers can get by without having to know much more than arrays and collections. With the tools available today, much of the complexity of data structures is abstracted away from the development that adds value.

Nevertheless, I found the first part of the series fascinating and I intend to read the rest of it as time allows. Considering that this is my first post in 3 months, you might guess that time hasn’t allowed much, lately.

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