Official Google toolbar for Firefox

I just got the new Google toolbar for Firefox. It looks good, but I ran into an annoying behavior right away.

I turned on these options:

  • Open search results in a new tab (Search tab)
  • Automatically switch to new search results tab (Search tab)
  • Next & Previous (More tab)

I started a search, and the toolbar brought up the results in a new window and switched to the window. So far, so good. I went to the first result, which displayed in the same tab. Again, so far, so good.

The first result didn’t have what I wanted, so I clicked the next button on the toolbar. The second result from the list was displayed in another new tab. I didn’t expect this, but OK, for now.

I now have three tabs across my browser: the original tab, the first result, and the second result. I’m currently on the third tab. This second result didn’t have what I wanted, so I clicked on the next button again, which was enabled. Nothing happened.

Hmm… I tried the previous button. Nothing. I clicked to a different tab and then back to the third tab. Now the next and previous buttons are disabled.

I closed the third tab. I clicked the next button. The toolbar opened the third result in a new tab.

I like to have new searches create a new tab. But I don’t think navigating results should open in new tabs. With the new tab option turned on, I have to take action to switch back to the tab that is tracking the search results, either by closing the third tab or clicking back to the second tab.

For now, I’ve turned off the new tab option. Having to manually create a new tab before searching is less annoying than having to switch/close tabs when navigating through results. But does anybody else think that this behavior is a bit odd?

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