Joke: Musically Drinking

This one’s for my wife to appreciate. Found in the newsgroup…

So, these three notes walk into a bar – a G, an Eb,
and a C. The bartender looks up and says, “We don’t
serve minors.” The Eb leaves, and the other two have a
fifth between them. After a few drinks, the G was out
flat, and the experience was diminished. Eventually,
the C sobers up, sees one of his friends missing, the
other one passed out, and realizes to his horror that
he’s under a rest. C was brought to trial, found
guilty and convicted of contributing to the diminution
of a minor and was sentenced to ten years of DS
without Coda at the Paul Williams/Neil Sedaka
Correctional Facility. While in the Correctional
Facility C started to play experimental jazz and
became a free note just in time before a group of
other notes were caught trying to break out in an
ascending scale over the wails.

Postlude: I wanted to assure you that I am sending the
above to you exactly the way I received it, without
any variations. I did reply to the sender, however, as
I was afraid someone was going to put him behind a few
bars at Sing Sing for the treble he had gotten into –
but was glad to hear it wasn’t a major offense!

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