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Interop Forms Toolkit in VS2015

In my company’s offices, we have been using the Microsoft Interop Forms Toolkit to integrate new UI content with a legacy UI that isn’t going away any time soon. The toolkit includes an add-in that generates interop-friendly code for the forms and controls that are in the project.

The toolkit was last updated when Visual Studio 2010 was the current release. Since then, we have moved on to VS2012, VS2013, and VS2015. The majority of the toolkit works great in Visual Studio 2015. The exception is the add-in. Add-ins are not supported at all in Visual Studio 2015. We have been managing this by opening the project in Visual Studio 2010 to generate code via the add-in.

Updated technical requirements have forced us to update our projects to target .NET Framework 4.5. Unfortunately, this makes the projects incompatible with Visual Studio 2010. I searched for solutions on the Internet, but could not find anybody who had published any alternatives. I did find plenty of other people requesting support for new versions of Visual Studio.

With my company’s support, the add-in source code from the original toolkit has been converted to a Visual Studio Extensibility solution. The source code for this port is publicly available.


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