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Foul on Microsoft: Improper verbification

From the ZDNet blog, with my own emphasis:

“We’ve been gradually realizing customers who consumer more proactive services are happier and healthier and require less reactive services with their charge models.”

I hope this is a typo, but knowing the propensity for Microsoft-speak, I would not be surprised if the marketing team has made this noun into a verb.

One of the synonyms of consumer is customer. If you make that subsitution, the phrase becomes “…customers who customer more proactive services…”


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Remote administration of COM+ through a firewall

Goal: Administer COM+ applications on remote computers.

Problem: Windows firewall on the remote computer blocks the connection.

Solution: Set up the firewall to accept dynamic RPC ports.

The most relevant article to this topic is available here.

I searched Google for an hour, and could not find anywhere that somebody had documented how to set up a firewall to allow remote administration of COM+ Applications. The Component Services snap-in lets you add another computer. If that computer has the basic Windows Firewall active, you will not be able to connect to or see anything on the other computer. This is indicated by a nice red arrow on the icon for the remote computer.

Component Services uses dynamic RPC ports to communicate with other computers. The article describes how to restrict the ports that RPC uses.

I used the rpccfg.exe tool from the resource kit. A link to download it is in the support article. This is run on the remote PC. I used it to restrict RPC to ports 5001-5100.

The next problem was how to tell the Windows Firewall to allow these ports through from the administration PC. Windows Firewall does not allow port ranges in the exceptions. Powershell to the rescue! The following Powershell script set up exceptions for each port:

PS C:\> 5001..5100 | % { `
netsh firewall add portopening `
protocol = TCP port = $_ `
name = "Remote admin RPC $_" `
scope = CUSTOM addresses =}

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Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2 is evil

I just received the July Technet shipment. The shipment included a disc for Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2 (x86). The disc number is 0666. Is this a sign of what we can expect from installing the beta? 🙂

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New WordPress version

I just updated the blog to WordPress version 2.0.2. It was pretty easy. The hardest part for me is having to manually tweak the permissions on new files. This blog runs on TrustiX, and it makes files rw,-,-. I’d like the default to be rw,r,r. Directories get set to rwx,-,-. I’d like the default to be rwx,r-x,r-x.
I think I need to look into how a UMASK works and set it before I install the new files.

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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware

I’ve seen more and more people using this tool. I’m not one who usually installs beta versions of products, but this one seems to be worth it.

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Virtual Street Reality

Virtual Street Reality is mind-boggling. After you spend a lot of time creating this kind of artwork, regular life must just seem totally boring.

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What was Kanye West thinking?

I usually avoid these kinds of topics. But there is a time and a place for everything. Kanye West’s rambling, incoherent diatribe that ended with “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was the wrong time and place. I can’t believe that he would use this time of suffering to promote his own agenda. I’m sure somebody is going to come to his defense, but this just seems to be an indefensible action to me.

Somebody updated his Wikipedia topic within minutes after his statement.